Descendants of the migrant Matthew MacConnel
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The Name

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Noah McConnell

     Noah McConnell was born Janurary 23, 1823 the youngest son of Judge John and Ruth McConnell. Below is an accounting of what is known about his life.

     Noah's father died on August 23, 1845. An announcement of the reading of his will was published, as required by law, in the Albany, New York Argus. At the time of this announcement mention is made of Noah "whose place of residence is not known." Noah apparently did appear for the reading of his father's will on November 6, 1845 since he and his next eldest brother, Andrew, jointly inherited some real estate.

     Between 1847 and 1851 Noah was involved in a series of land transactions in Chemung County, New York. A total of 2 transactions where Noah bought land and 7 transactions where he sold land. Also noted is one transaction in 1849 where Noah leased land to his mother, Ruth McConnell.

     In the 1850 Federal Census for Chemung County, New York Noah is living in Elmira with his wife Eliza and a two year old son, George. Noah's occupation is listed as "none."

     Another son is born to to Noah and Eliza in 1852. The death certificate of this son, Jesse Alonzo McConnell, lists his place of birth as what is now Denver, Colorado.

     A reference about Noah in a letter dated Janurary 31, 1916 from George Murray McConnel, son of General Murray McConnel.
"In 1857 or 1858, I heard of -- I did not meet -- two sisters, with two or three children between them, widows, named McConnell (so they spelled it) who, after a short residence in St. Paul Minn. went into the country some miles & "took up" homestead claims & undertook to "work" them themselves. The claims were later bought by a man named Dexter, from whom I learned all I ever knew of the women. From all I could learn I remember that I was at that time substantially satisfied that these women were widows (whether by death or court decrees I do not recall) of Andrew and Noah McConnel. I cannot now particularize as to why I was so satisfied. The great panic of 1857 had just then totally wrecked my first venture in life, & I had no time or mind for others ills. My own nose was too nearly under water. I left St. Paul in 1859 & never heard of them later. "
     Minnisota Land Patent records shows an entry from April 15, 1856 for the sale of 80 acres in Anoka County (which is just north of St. Paul) to Eliza McConnell and Phebe McConnell. Their land was in Section 15, Township 32N, Range 22W. In 1857 Minnisota took a state census but neither Eliza or Phebe McConnell were listed.

     In 1886 Noah's brother, Andrew, was living in Portland, Oregon and made a statement about Noah in a letter written to his great nephew, Augustus MacConnel, who was still living in Horseheads, New York.
"How I cum here I waz lied to. A man told me that Noah waz here that he said he would give the world to se me Andrew his next oldest brother I have no doubt but that he had seen him but when he waz telling me he had bin ded a number of years."

     Since Noah and Eliza had a total of eight children but only had a single child during the 1850 New York census it is unlikely Noah died before 1856. Neverthless, Andrew's letter does state that in 1886 Noah had been "dead for a number of years."

     Noah and Eliza must have lived somewhere whlle giving birth and raising eight childen. But, where is a mystery. Anyone with additional information please send email Here.