Descendants of the migrant Matthew MacConnel
Scotland, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado and Missouri




The Name

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     Little is known of Matthew McConnell (the elder) other then he was born in Scotland, immigrated to the United States in 1735, settled in Sussex County, New Jersey and raised a family of at least three children; Matthew John and James (or Charles). At that time in history America was a British colony.

     Matthew McConnell (the younger) served as a sergeant during the Revolutionary War and his regiment fought in the Battle of Minisink in July 1779. In 1788 he was awarded a land grant for 693 acres in Chemung County, New York. Matthew moved to the Elmira, NY area and raised a family of 9 children with his first wife, Elizabeth Ludlum and 2 children with his second wife, Mary Hathaway Porter. The family became prosperous farmers and influential in the founding of several communities in Chemung County. The McConnell homestead is located near Halderman's Hollow just outside the present city of Horseheads, NY. Matthew McConnell and several of his children are buried in a small fenced cemetary located next to a farm house.

     Matthew MacConnel's grandson, Murray McConnel, was the first to leave Chemung County about 1810. The migration continued around 1833 as Mathew McConnell's youngest son, Amzi (born 1785) migrated Westward. By the beginning of the 20th century the only known McConnel remaining in Chemung County, New York was Augustus MacConnel